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May 15

Steven’s face turned pale, his heart sinking deep inside him as he stared at the letter on the screen.


He squeezed his eyes shut as tight as they could, tears stinging in the corners. Suddenly, he felt that familiar, comforting hand on his back.

"Hey, you. What’s wrong?" Nic asked softly.

Steven turned slowly in his chair. “I failed theatre history. I… I have to take it again.”

Nic didn’t say anything. He scooped the tear-stained boy up out of the chair and held him tight. “I’m so sorry. Really. I am.”

"I worked so hard, Nic," Steven whispered into his shoulder. "How… how am I supposed to get through this again?"

Nic grabbed hold of Steven’s shoulders. “Because you have me. We’re gonna study all day and all night, and I’m gonna make sure you kick ass this time around. I swear it. I’m here for you.”

Steven smiled weakly. “You’re the best.”

Nic smiled back. “And hey… I just got some news that might cheer you up.”


"The producers called… I’m… I’m being promoted. I’m gonna be the full time Elder Price."

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